New Year Message by Rev. Godwin Omata

On the 31st of December, 2017, the man of God, Rev. Godwin Omata,  Senior Pastor of Emancipation Gospel Center, was ushered to the pulpit at 11:10pm under the complete influence of the Holy Spirit, to deliver a special message for the coming year 2018. He began his charge by admonishing the brethren on the need for importunate prayer in order to turn their hopeless situations around. He anchored his message and instructions on the book of Daniel 12:1-4. Speaking to the people of God, he declared that the angels of the most high have intervened in bringing answers to the prayers of God’s children.

  •  The man of God said that there is but one way to walk into the blessings of God, and that is to “ARISE AND SHINE”. The stars he said, don’t find it difficult to shine, for they have in them what it takes to shine. So are the children of God this year 2018. They shall shine supernaturally like the stars of Heaven. The Pastor reminded the brethren that Christ has given us the light and that light is set to shine.
  •   Another thing God said is that, as citizens of Heaven, many will become world citizens with the authority of the king in the year 2018.
  • God’s children will not struggle to shine this year because they have what it takes to shine. Therefore, arise and shine.
  • Lift up your eyes and you will see those things that seem to be far away. The Lord will cause your eyes to behold and possess them.
  • The Lord says, you will not struggle to feed. I the LORD who feed the birds of the air will feed you by divine providence; only stand where I placed you.
  • You will sing a new song. No more shall you sing the old song.
  • I will give you joy that knows no bounds and you shall sorrow no more.
  • You have blamed men/Government for your situation, yet you caused it. Now, I shall fight for you.
  •  I will deliver Nigeria from out of the hand of her enemies. I love Nigeria, but the enemies hate her. But I have decided to keep Nigeria for my glory. I will prove to the enemies that I love Nigeria.
  • I will put to shame them that seek her destruction.
  • I will visit Kogi State and deal with her enemy. Be still and know that I am the Lord of hosts. Only remember to praise me after I have done this for you. Don’t let my blessings become a stumbling block to you.
  • Stand in my Holy place. I will begin to unfold my plans this year. I will unfold the fortunes of Kogi State.
  • Tears of joy shall flow in Kogi State, for I have come to take away your sorrows.
  • Look up! You will see the shiny stars and you are one of them. Only arise. Do not say “Am I in the number?” The answer is yes, you are. I will prove to you that I love you. I have good plans for you, plans for your peace and prosperity. “Rejoice and be thankful” for my glory has come to dwell in the land. The enemy cannot uproot it.
  • I will give my people testimonies in this Holy place. There is a song in Heaven; this song must come down to us. The song says: Alleluia God has won! Alleluia Jesus has won ………. Let this song be established in your heart, for God has won for his children.

The wife of the Senior Pastor, Mrs. Felicia Omata came up with another prophetic ministration which commenced with a song that says, “We have melody in our hearts today” (Jesus gave us victory). The congregation was filled with joy as all sang with her. She exhorted the members, leading them to praise God, confessing that it is only the living that has hope. She added that many started with us last year 2017 but are not alive again. That the living should praise God for His mighty deeds. She said that the devil wanted many dead and the rest not to make it, but God stood for his people.


  • This year, the Lord is prepared to put a difference between His true servants from the fake.  A year of total recovery – to recover all that was lost. The door of grace is opened.  The Lord will arise for our sake to wipe away our tears, help the helpless and give hope to the hopeless.  A year to work with a little effort and earn much.
  • There will be a total turnaround of things.
  • The spoilers will turn back.
  • The cries of God’s people have reached Heaven.
  • There is divine intervention for Nigeria and Kogi State.
  • A year of abundance.
  • A year to work and have result.
  • The fallen will rise spiritually and the spiritually hopeless will spring up.
  • There will be money in circulation and contracts everywhere.
  • Battered hopes shall be rebuilt.
  • There will be meetings both by National and International bodies in favour of this country.
  • God will show the wicked that they are mere men, not God. He will over throw them.
  • People from other countries will put heads together on how to help Nigeria. As a result of this, there will be a way forward for Nigeria.
  • There is going to be reshufflements both at federal and state levels for the desired change to come. There will be impeachment of incompetent and corrupt elected officials.
  • The economy of Nigeria will bounce back and be great again as it happened in Ghana some years ago.
  • New laws will be enacted that will be against heinous crimes.
  • The sudden change will attract commotion for the bad ones will not allow change.
  • Through prayer, civil servants will receive their payment with compensation.
  • Abundant projects will come up again in Nigeria.  Workers should pray hard for divine intervention so that they will not be
  • Countries victims of rationalization that will take place in civil service circle.that love Nigeria will come to our rescue.
  • As a result of sin, there will be an outbreak of diseases that will claim many lives in Nigeria but by prayer we shall overcome.
  • There will be armed robbery attack at increased measure and kidnappers will advance in their strategies.
  • There is going to be a strict supervision of government work and a little default will cause dismissal. This is to enhance commitment among civil servants.
  • Governors are going to work hand in hand for things to be normal and to ensure welfare equality in all the states of the federation.
  • High rate of missing persons for rituals especially children.
  • The Lord will remove the wicked leaders either by probe or death.
  • The Lord will release and implement the Good plans that people at the top have hijacked.
  • There will be avenue to help the poor in the country.
  • The standard of education will improve.
  • The budget will favour the citizens.
  • We should pray for the unity of Nigeria, for things to move smoothly and for an end to diversion of funds in the country.
  • There shall be victimization of workers by their wicked bosses. This will result in sacking innocent workers under them.
  • Finally, let us pray for pregnant women not to die as the enemy has planned.

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