READY TO OBEY – New Album from Pastor Godwin Omata

This powerful 10-tracker from Pastor Godwin Omata is very much an attestation to God’s grace in the lives of men. No, he is not your regular singer or Gospel artist, but as a willing vessel who is very much Ready To Obey the One to whom he has pledged everything, Godwin has here released a bunch of inspired songs he has received and felt compelled to share with the world. It’s a ministration pack, and for those of you who can reach out in faith as his ‘minister’ personality glows forth from song to song, get ready to Receive your miracle now.

  1. Great is the Lord Godwin Omata
  2. Holy is the Lord Godwin Omata
  3. I have a story Godwin Omata
  4. My victory is sure Godwin Omata
  5. Old things have passed away Godwin Omata
  6. Ready to obey Godwin Omata
  7. Receive your miracle Godwin Omata
  8. Shekinah glory Godwin Omata
  9. Thy Kingdom come Godwin Omata
  10. You are worthy Godwin Omata